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Welcome to SETX411! As you can see our first post was just over a month ago but we have been preparing to launch this site properly since that time. I was planning to hold off until the first of the year but with today’s election and a new era tomorrow I decided to flip the switch now! But before we get into that please get out and vote! Regardless of your party or affiliation it really doesn’t matter unless you cast your ballot. If unsure were to vote; click the link below to locate your polling center throughout the great state of Texas. With that being said; SETX411 is exactly what it reads… Information about SETX 24/7 ie. Restaurants, Activities, Sales, & Special Events right at your fingertips with a little real estate mixed in on top! You can not only follow our blog but follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest. We appreciate your support and look forward to your interaction via SETX411!!!