There are a number of financial retirement benefits connected to real estate IRAs and their investments. Due to the fact that your investment increases within tax-deferred and tax-free conditions, the amount you can accumulate is magnified greatly.

Real estate IRAs see their investment increase, but with the additional advantage of no taxes. For example, if you made an investment of $4,000 with compound interest under normally taxed conditions at a 31% rate, you would gain $286,752 after 30 years. However, with an IRA account at an 8% compound interest rate you can expect to accumulate $449,133; $162,381 more.

A self-directed IRA is generally called a checkbook IRA. This is because your investment is held in a checking account to which you have complete access. The advantage is that you can invest your funds immediately and you do not have to pay a transaction fee each time.

Some IRAs provide the option to lower how much of your income is taxed. For example, if you paid in $10,000 to an IRA and your income was eligible, then you could expect a tax deduction of $10,000. Some plans deduct over $50,000.

Due to protections of federal bankruptcy law, an IRA is normally protected from being touched by creditors or litigators if bankruptcy should occur.

A number of IRAs avoid taxes if you desire assets to be passed down as an inheritance after your death.

You can invest in non-traditional assets, such as real estate. The only areas in which you cannot invest are life insurance, capital stock in an ‘S’ corporation and collectibles.

Real estate IRAs provide the chance of a high return faster. This is because with a real estate IRA you are allowed financial leverage: your down payment depends on how much your lender asks for and not the value of the entire stock. For example, if you want to buy company stock at $100,000, instead of paying the whole amount you could purchase 50% at $50,000. If the stock then increases to $150,000 your return would be 50%. However, with your investment of $50,000, the increase of $50,000 will provide you with a return of 100% based upon the cash initially invested by your IRA.

Real estate IRAs allow you to be more diverse with your assets and thus more financially secure.

If you do not have enough capital in your IRA to buy a particular property, you can ask for a non-recourse loan. As you can only use your IRA money in such an investment, a non-recourse loan is the only option. You are not personally responsible to repay a non-recourse loan and if you were to go bankrupt this money could not be touched by any creditors.

With business funding you are entitled to a salary and business profits.

Many IRA companies offer low annual custodial fees. Because custodial intervention is minimal, there are less asset-based, holding and transactional fees.

by: Islandview Mortgage