(NC)-For a person with osteoporosis, even a minor fall like a slip on the stairs or fall from a seated position can cause a bone to break, leading to decreased independence and even death.


Within the first year of suffering a fracture, one in five women will die of complications related to the fracture. Of those who survive, 40 per cent will suffer from disability. In this case, prevention is the best medicine.


The good news is that it is possible to make simple changes inside the home to reduce risks of falls, like this:


Living rooms and hallways


• Keep hallways clear and free from clutter and obstacles by moving coffee tables, plant stands and magazine racks away from high-traffic areas.


• Choose non-slip rugs or add a non-slip pad under all area rugs.


• Anchor electrical cords close to the walls and ensure there are no loose extension cords.




• Wooden staircases should have a carpet runner for traction.


• Ensure there is handrail that is sturdy and easy to grip.



• Keep the kitchen organized so that everything is easy to access.


• Wipe up liquid, grease or food spills in the kitchen immediately.



• Use non-slip bath mats to absorb splashes and add slip-resistant stickers to the tub.




• Install outdoor lights at all entrances to the home and ensure the lighting is bright enough to see clearly at night.


• During winter months, ensure the driveway and entrances are shoveled and salted.


More information is available by talking to your doctor, or online at http://www.healthandbone.ca.